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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.

Why Choose Us


Our mission is to make physical therapy more accessible to seniors. Our success is measured by restoring pain-free movement and achieving optimal functional outcomes through a comfortable, compliant and convenient episode of care.


  • Lower the risk of falling when leaving the home. We bring the clinic to you.
  • Avoid traveling in bad weather. We brave the elements.
  • Receive undivided attention with one-on-one care always. We guarantee it, because double booking patients never occurs with in-home treatment.
  • Ensure continuity of treatment by always having the same therapist throughout your episode of care.


  • Always receive treatment by a licensed physical therapist, not by an assistant or aide.
  • A minimum of one hour is reserved for you to provide quality treatment. Documentation is performed on the therapist’s own time.
  • Receive ongoing communication with your doctor under Medicare guidelines regarding your initial evaluation, plan of care, and progress.
  • All therapists are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. They are active members of the American Physical Therapy Association.


  • Avoid scheduling conflicts, traffic jams, waiting rooms, and arranging transportation; these concerns are eliminated with in-home treatment.
  • Receive family and caregiver training, in addition to patient education, for self-care and home management skills.
  • Reach your treatment goals sooner by never missing an appointment; scheduling therapy at home allows for more options for day, evening, or weekend appointments.
  • Focus your therapy on improving activities of daily living where they matter most - in your own home.