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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
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Portable Treatment Technology
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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.

Portable Treatment Technology

Home Physical Therapy for Seniors aims to be at the forefront of modern healthcare delivery in the field of home physical therapy. Our patients welcome all of the benefits of an outpatient physical therapy clinic at their doorsteps. We are currently serving patients throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

The following are just some of the assessment tools, treatment devices, and therapeutic interventions that we commonly use for in-home treatment:

Therapeutic exercise
Neuromuscular reeducation
Body mechanics education
Lumbar mechanical traction
Cervical mechanical traction
Range of motion exercise
In-home safety assessment
Home exercise program
Paraffin treatment
Shoulder pulley
Walking aides
Functional index survey
Ergonomic assessment
Soft tissue mobilization
Postural exercise
Pre-operative patient education/assistive device training 
Pre- & postsurgical rehab
Electrical stimulation
Balance retraining
Fall prevention
Transfer training
Prosthetic training
Functional training
Moist heating pads
Pain management
Blood pressure cuff
Arm/Leg cycle
Heel lifts
Scar pads
Manual Therapy
TENS units
Gait training/stairs
Wheelchair training
Joint mobilization
Cold packs
Therapeutic massage
Adjustable step
Pulse oximeter
Adjustable weights
Grip theraputty
Myofascial release
Ace wrap
Treatment table

To learn more about our services, call Home Physical Therapy for Seniors toll free at 866-4-HOME-PT (or 401-536-4117) for a free consultation with a licensed physical therapist.  Use our secure online form today to request an appointment for your initial evaluation and treatment visits.