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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
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Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.
Home Physical Therapy for Seniors.

Accessible Healthcare for Today’s Seniors

Welcome to Home Physical Therapy for Seniors, your solution to outpatient orthopedic physical therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We are a growing network of licensed physical therapists that specialize in treating simple to complex orthopedic conditions. Our therapists utilize the latest in portable treatment technology to provide evidence-based physical therapy in your house, apartment, or assisted living facility. We are currently serving patients throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Our goal is to help older adults preserve their independent function by returning them to painfree movement.  Many of our clients are active seniors that simply prefer to receive care at home.  Others may not have the means to travel to an outpatient clinic, but are not considered homebound from their condition.  (Homebound patients are typically referred to a certified home health agency by their doctor, because they require skilled nursing services in addition to occupational, speech or physical therapy).  

Home Physical Therapy for Seniors also specializes in physical therapy following orthopedic surgery, where pain and impaired mobility often makes it difficult and challenging to attend regularly scheduled treatment sessions at an outpatient facility. Your doctor may initially prescribe homecare from a home health agency immediately following your surgery or hospitalization. Once you are ready for outpatient services, contact us upon being discharged from the home health agency.  We will make your transition from homebound to outpatient status easier by allowing you to continue and complete your recovery in the comfort and convenience of your own home instead of going to an outpatient clinic.

For more information or to find out if you qualify for our services, call Home Physical Therapy for Seniors toll free at 866-4-HOME-PT (or 401-536-4117) for a free consultation with a licensed physical therapist.  Use our secure online form today to request an appointment for your initial evaluation and treatment visits.

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